jenshin effect It’s growing in popularity, but the increased focus on the open-world action RPG means more attention is also being paid to its flaws. Although the game’s regular update schedule and fairly consistent events have given it some praise, it appears that many players are becoming frustrated with the game’s design issues. A group jenshin effect Players are now discussing the game’s most annoying and redundant features.

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Redditor Flimsy-Cup3823 closed the discussion by listing a number of strange and confusing features that make gameplay unnecessarily difficult or annoying or make no sense given the game’s lore. This is not the first time the group of jenshin effect Players have complained about one aspect of the game, but it could be one of the worst.


Flimsy-Cup3823’s list doesn’t include arcans that aren’t immune or at least resistant to their own elements and aren’t able to get the playable Raiden Shogun’s island-slashing attack via Dendro Shield. The list notes that floating ghost enemies cannot be sucked into a black hole, overloaded explosions do less damage than vaporization and melting, and superconductivity can only break physical resistance. In the end, he saw that jenshin effect Still doesn’t allow players to skip dialogue, even for quests they’ve already played over and over again.

The most crap and annoying features in this game? From

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Several users agreed that the enemy animations being able to stop a timed fight is unpleasant, with one user specifically mentioning the rifthound enemies found on the island of Tsurumi. Another user noted that most wolves-like enemies can pull off something similar, meaning that’s something to do with the whole range of animations.

The other problem raised in the comments is that the traveler has to re-train himself to fight each time he finds a new element, which involves re-learning normal attacks. This would make sense if the passenger was changing weapons, but a third user states that their passenger has had to learn to use the prototype rancher twice as written.

A fourth user reported that having a ton of cutscenes sitting in the device’s memory, unable to replay, is too difficult for mobile players. Many more people started complaining about the way jenshin effect Shields work – or, more often than not, don’t work. One user in particular complained that enemy shields often operate on completely different rules from playable characters’ shields. Another user announced that it would be nice to add Dendro Shields. Another group of users raised the issue of falling damage, which doesn’t affect enemies much but can easily kill the player.

jenshin effect Now available for PS4, PS5, PC, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS.

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