Genshin Impact is fixing its dirtiest trick for the next Windtrace event

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Genshin Impact is bringing back its Prop Hunt-inspired Windtrace event for two weeks, and developer Mihoyo has updated the event rules to work around the dirtiest cheese in the entire game.

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Windtrace drops teams of rebels and hunters into siege maps for a game of hide-and-seek, in which the rebels disguise themselves as objects, and the hunters use special abilities to nudge them towards hiding the rebels. clearly indicate. It’s as much fun as Prop Hunt, which has become a mainstay in many multiplayer games, but the event’s first run was sabotaged by a game-breaking effective exploit involving five-star character Mona.

Mona’s unique sprint animation makes it nearly impossible to see her as long as you’re standing still – you really have to hold the sprint without moving – and if the hunter is looking right at you, you’re going to be perfectly Can run towards a wall temporarily invisible. Genshin Impact has since released Ayaka, another five-star character with a similar sprint animation, meaning players have more ways to completely eliminate the hidden part of Windtrace. So it’s no surprise that patch notes Make it clear for the next round of Windtrace that Mona and Ayaka’s special sprints will be disabled this time.


Windtrace has seen some other improvements as well. The hunters would now have increased stamina to chase down any rebels, but would give the rebels more lead time, at the cost of obscuring their vision during the countdown to the initial hide. This should improve the flow of both roles by emphasizing hiding only when the predator is driven away.

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