add new characters jenshin effect Help create additional hype for each new update as they are one of the main draws of the game. Even though version 2.4 arrived a few days back, several leaks have already revealed information about version 2.5. In addition, the officer jenshin effect Social media accounts have already revealed the long-awaited Yeh Miko.

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Leaks and Rumors Are Very Common jenhin effect And generally create a lot of hype for characters that often aren’t even in development. One of those characters is Kamisato Ayato, who is mentioned by some of the characters in the game. The only one confirmed about Ayato is that he is Ayaka’s brother and head of the famous Kamisato clan.


a jenshin effect Leaks in November have revealed a lot of information about the two characters – Ye Miko and Kamisato Ayato. The fact that so far this leak has accurately predicted most of Yee’s kits adds to the added credibility. Yae Miko has been officially confirmed to be a part of the upcoming jenshin effect Update 2.5. Click Here To see the full Reddit thread.

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Genshin Impact Reddit leaked about Ayato

According to the leak, Ayato’s kit will have the following effects:

  • He’ll have a stance change called Kendopose that could do the same thing as the fan-favorite character Child. This pose clearly has four levels that increase his attack position.

  • Ayato’s elemental skill apparently throws “some sort of thing” that stuns enemies.

  • One of Ayato’s passive abilities would be the ability to increase the Elemental Skill cooldown of his teammates by four seconds.

More details about Ayato’s appearance have already been revealed from previous leaks. Obviously, Ayato will have short blue hair, which is understandable since his sister Ayaka has a similar hair color. Reddit thread claims Ayato could be similar to Otto from the game Honkai Impact, They both share the same Japanese and Chinese voice actors. The thread further claims that Ayato will have a white coat similar to the three admirals in the popular anime One Piece.

He is heavily hinted at being a hydro character, which could mean he strikes a chord with his sister Ayaka, who is one of the most unique jenshin effect Pot. Like her sister, Ayato is expected to be a swordsman which would make her the second Hydro Sword character after Jingqiu. When it comes to their release date, another jenshin effect The leaker has revealed that he may come with update 2.6 which will arrive around April 10, 2022 as per the usual update schedule of miHoYo.

jenshin effect Now available on Mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5. A Switch version is currently in development.

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