jenshin effect It has been riding high since its release in September 2020. However, as the popularity of the game grows, fans find more and more mistakes, design flaws, and strange decisions associated with it. Recently, a bunch of fans recently started joking for a jenshin effect,

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It seems like jenshin effectIt has been growing in popularity since its launch, and part of this may be due to the game’s marketing campaign. is not only the number of jenshin effect Advertisements have appeared all over the internet for the past two years, but many of them are downright cinematic. However, it appears that developer miHoYo has decided to break this pattern with its latest ad.


Most good ads tell a story, but the same can be said of bad and even hilarious ads. Redditor aki-mura shared nine screenshots illustrating the recent story arc jenshin effect Ad – A story in which two players are sitting on a couch next to each other. Obviously both are playing jenshin effect For a week, but the guy in the orange shirt has already reached Adventure Rank 30. He claims that he achieved this by keeping three tips in mind, which he goes on to share with both his friend and onlooker.

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This style of advertising is not particularly new or creative, and other fans soon began to respond to Aki-mura’s posts to mock the ad. A group of fans began discussing increasingly over-the-top power-ups for a similar genre. jenshin effect Advertisements to show, such as a Level 3 Traveler punching a Level 30 Slime and turning a Level 100 Animoboxer into Vanguard. These characters are aligned with the antagonist Fatui and use the animo element to cause trouble for the players.

Redditor ajboarder joked that fans can expect to see commercials where Pymon must remove a pin from a puzzle without melting the next Primogems. This style of advertising has also become particularly popular for mobile games – including mobile games whose actual gameplay has little to do with puzzle-solving. Redditor Auxitrius2 continued things by suggesting that future ads could show a Level 3 traveler standing next to a tower of Hillichurles, each of which would have a different level. Several other users replied to this saying that the ad would repeatedly depict the Traveler trying to level 20 sumicural instead of level 1 hillychural.

jenshin effect Now available for mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5, with the Switch version in development.

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