jenshin effect The gaming industry has taken a storm and the players base continues to grow every day. The release of a new character is perhaps one of the most exciting events in the vast world of Tevat.

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One of the pros that makes the game so popular is the fact that most jenshin effect It’s easy enough to beat the challenges. Usually, players who level up their characters properly rarely face any conflict. However, Spiral Abyss, which is the main end-game feature, becomes increasingly difficult with each update, and building the perfect party becomes essential.


A recent post on Officer jenshin effect The subreddit has revealed that since the debut of Inazuma Islands in Update 2.0, Spiral Abyss has become much harder to beat with each update. Reddit user HyperXled explained the issue using a metric called consolidated HP, which is the highest HP of all enemies in every wave combined. Update 1.0 to 1.6 all Abyss floors had the same exact consolidated HP. Increasing the difficulty limit isn’t a problem as many players even like it but it seems unnatural to make current content increasingly difficult compared to the rest of the game.

We need to have a serious conversation about the Abyss Powercreep in the last few patches From

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jenshin effect Players were expressing different complaints in the comments section, but most of them have one thing in common, which is that the new Rifthound enemies are probably one of the worst additions miHoYo has ever made to the game. They’re especially hard to beat with melee characters, and it should be noted that the only bow and catalyst users are. His relentless jump makes it nearly impossible for players to unload their damage bursts. On top of that, they have a huge health pool and it’s impossible to group up, even with strong support.

This is especially bad for new players because it was already hard enough to grind for late game content, with many RNG constraints such as waiting for a perfect artifact roll. If this increase in difficulty continues, it will be an impossible task for new players to catch up without stronger Abyss characters like Zhongli. Another problem is that in the later stages of the game, progress will be less visible, even if you put in the same grind every day.

jenshin effect It’s free-to-play on mobile, PC, and PS4, with a Switch version in development.

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