to come jenshin effect Update 2.4 will bring two completely new Jio characters, at least according to the most recent event live stream. The update will bring an interesting banner re-run and include two Jio Vision holders, Arataki Ito and Goro.

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Even though version 2.3 hasn’t arrived yet, many leaks have already revealed a lot of information about it. jenshin effect Version 2.4 which should arrive around January 6th, 2022. The official social media accounts of miHoYo have officially revealed two new characters that will join the playable roster, Shenhe and Yun Jin.


jenshin effect The 2.4 beta phase has begun and there are already several leaks regarding future content including a new area that fans are referring to as Enkanomia. Over the past few patches, miHoYo has introduced an interesting pattern by revealing new characters even before the beta arrives, most likely because the characters will be leaked on the first day of the beta anyway. A recent leak on Reddit has revealed the bulk of Shenhe’s kit:

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    Elemental Skill (Tap) – allows Shenhe to move to deal cryo damage similar to Xiao’s skill

  • Elemental Skill (Hold) – Deals AoE Cryo damage for a few seconds

  • Elemental Burst – Releases Sealed Spirit’s power, allowing it to roam and deal AoE cryo damage. Spirit will leave behind a sphere effect that will reduce the cryo and physical resistance of enemies in the area

  • Passive – Upon activating Shenhe’s elemental skill, members of his party receive a critical damage or skill, depending on how it was activated (hold or tap)

shortly after miHoYo officially revealed Shenhe And Yun Jin and, one of the most popular jenshin effect Leakers named Lumi have revealed that a new dungeon is coming to the game with the character, something that isn’t unusual with the new jenshin effect Pot. When it comes to Shenhe’s rarity, there is no official information, but several rumors indicate that she will be a limited five-star banner character.

Previous leaks about her element have been confirmed by official art and she will be a new Cryo character. Her weapon of choice will be the polem and according to multiple leaks, she is expected to be one of the strongest DPS characters. jenshin effect, The newly discovered leaks indicate that he may also have strong assistive abilities.

There is no official word on whether Shenhe and Yun Jin will be featured on the same banner bicycle. Previous leaks are indicating that Ganyu and Xiao may be sporting a banner again, meaning that update 2.4 may have a similar pattern, with two new characters for one chakra and a stronger one for the other. The double banner is played again.

jenshin effect Now available on Mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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