sports award 2021 includes 30 award categories, such as Innovation in Accessibility, Best Narrative, Best Esports Team and Most Anticipated Game. Game Awards founder and host Geoff Keighley is sharing a gradual update to the physical rewards phase as well as his own excitement. Now the hype trailer of the show has come out.

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The Game Awards presenters include Ashley Johnson, Laura Bailey and Simu Liu. Rumors and speculation are never in short supply as to what might be sharing a world premiere, especially for a stage as famous as The Game Awards. But Keighley hopes to add to the excitement with an edited trailer that has become his own personal tradition.


Keighley recently shared a personally edited “Hype Trailer” that celebrates the nominees who are up for the awards this Thursday. The Game Awards’ cinematic montage is seen in the trailer Resident Evil Village, Life is Strange: True Colors, Ratchet and Clank: Apart from the Rift, Psychonauts 2, And it takes two among many other historic nominees from several different award categories. Keighley’s trailer is also punctuated by Martin Waves’ retelling of Hayley Williams’ KYRH.

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Keighley’s “hype trailer” determines that the countdown to the awards show has officially begun with only four days until The Game Awards premiere. hello infinityKeighley’s appearance in the “Hype Trailer” is interesting because the game itself isn’t up for an award, suggesting that something will be shared as an announcement, or perhaps just an important celebration. hello infinityis the launch of.

Similarly, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Despite not being enrolled, a small blink of an eye is visible. So maybe fans can expect an announcement or even a long-awaited gameplay trailer for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, but only time will tell at this point. Because the nominees for the respective categories have been announced, games that lack nominations stand out, indicating that they will appear at The Game Awards.

elden ringThe nominations for the most anticipated game are highlighted in the trailer, so it’s unlikely that more material may be shown for it, especially afterward. elden ringThe gameplay demonstration of was recently released. But whether it’s because of a world premiere or a celebration of the award nominees, fans will be able to enjoy the spectacle just like it did at this year’s The Game Awards when it debuts on Thursday.

sports award Streams go live on December 9th from 5PM PST/8PM EST.

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