Get $500 off this tricked-out RTX 3070 Ti gaming PC

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Do you need a liquid-cooled PC? Not at all But is it good enough? You bet it is. That’s what caught my eye on this EK-Fluid 270 Vanquish Gaming PC. This is $500 off now $2,999 For its base model, and for a pretty penny you’re getting the RTX 3070 Ti, AMD Ryzen 7 5800X, 32GB of RAM, and 3TB of total SSD storage.

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Along with chip shortages, finding a good Black Friday gaming PC deal is one of the best ways to get your hands on a new graphics card. The RTX 3070 Ti is one of the best cards you can get right now, so if you’re on board with it with one of the latest Ryzen CPUs, it’s a nice discount on an already expensive rig. A 3070 is what we recommend for comfortable gaming at 1440p and 144Hz, though a 3060 Ti should be able to deliver that level of performance in most games as well.

It is worth noting that the 3070 Ti can be made cheaper elsewhere. At Best Buy, there’s a CyberPowerPC RTX 3070 Ti gaming PC for $2,099.99 with a respectable i7-11700KF CPU. So with this build you’re paying a premium for a fancy case stocked with an integrated liquid cooling system. If you like RGB, it’s hard to beat the spectacle of a fluid stream that brightens up the case while simultaneously cooling your CPU, and it’ll certainly make for a cool build. We haven’t reviewed this particular Vanquish model, but we are fans of the EK-Fluid’s functional and fashionable build. Just know that all the extra cooling hardware can make part replacement a little trickier than with a traditional case.

EK Fluid Gaming PC 250 Victory

EK-Fluid Gaming PC 270 Vanquish | Ryzen 7 5800X | Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti | 32GB RAM | 3TB SSD | $3,499.99 $2,999 on EK-Fluid (Save $500)
There are cheaper ways to get a 30-series card right now, but none of them come packaged with EK-Fluid’s custom liquid-cooling case, and that’s the best price we’ve seen with specs this impressive.

The Vanquish is also configurable if you’re looking for a little more (or less) oomph. You can downgrade from 32GB to 16GB of RAM for about $150 or bump all the way up to an 8TB SSD for a few hundred more. The prebuilt one also comes with a full 3-year warranty, which seems reasonable considering the cash you’re going to spare.

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