Last week, Ubisoft announced the development of a new free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter called Ghost Recon Frontline. whereas Ghost Recon Frontline appears to be a battle royale game, rather it is a tarkov-like where players want to complete missions and take out within a 102-player PvP hot zone. regardless, Ghost Recon Frontline Preconceptions about battle royals received an initial negative reaction. Now ghost recon It has hit its second road bump, with a delay in its first closed Test, just a week after its announcement.

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In an announcement shared on Twitter Wednesday morning, Ubisoft confirmed that it has decided to delay Ghost Recon Frontlineclosed test. No concrete explanation has been given for the delay. All Ubisoft is willing to do is say that the company has “decided it is best to postpone”. Ghost Recon Frontlineclosed test. While a new date for the closed test was not provided, Ubisoft said it would provide more information on the new start time of the closed test as it is enabled.


That Ubisoft Announced a Closed Testing So Quickly Ghost Recon FrontlineThe reveal came as a significant surprise, although it was apparently overshadowed by the reactionary discourse surrounding the project. youtube trailer for Ghost Recon Frontline For example, was full of dislikes. The trial was intended to be very limited in nature, fully open to PC gamers in Europe, and was scheduled to begin on October 14. Plans to bring the test to other platforms in the future were also teased, as Ghost Recon Frontline Also planned for PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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Ghost Recon Frontline It was described by Ubisoft as “early development”, which begs the question of whether it was announced too early. It clearly had its issues in the beginning, as vocal online critics took issue with the direction. ghost recon The series needs another massive multiplayer shooter as well — even if Ghost Recon Frontline There is no battle royale at all.

Online multiplayer games need to be tested early and often in development, to gather feedback and start building infrastructure for major design decisions. It is possible, if not likely, that Ubisoft chose to announce Ghost Recon Frontline Prior to the requirement to allow the team to run these tests. Ultimately, that announcement may be too early.

Looks like Ubisoft is dodging the ongoing negative feedback around Ghost Recon Frontline, although there may also be several non-obvious justifications. Regardless of the reasons for the delay, some would question whether Ghost Recon Frontline Could use a better disclosure down the road.

Ghost Recon Frontline In development for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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