Ghostbusters: Afterlife director teases sequel ideas

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Ghostbusters: Afterlife director Jason Reitman has revealed that he has ideas for a possible sequel. Warning for spoilers ahead!

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“I wish I could talk to you about it,” he said Uproxx, when Egon Spengler was asked about choosing to remove the Ghostbusters 2 logo from the Ecto-1, replacing it with the original. “I am just saying that there is a plot which is not there in this film and we have ideas to move forward,” the director said.

In case you were wondering whether Ghostbusters 2 remains canon, Reitman, the son of original director Ivan Reitman, approved of it as well. “Ghostbusters 2, definitely canon. There are references to Ghostbusters 2 in Afterlife,” he explained. “We meet Ray working at Ray’s Occult. Ghostbusters 2’s toaster is in the kitchen at the farmhouse. There are actually a lot of Ghostbusters 2 details but no one knows Ghostbusters 2 outside of Viggo the Carpathians and Ghostbusters 2 logo . Hence the assumption that it is not canon but it is certainly canon.”


The Afterlife follows a new generation of Ghostbusters: Phoebe and Trevor, Aegon’s grandsons, move with their mother Callie to their grandfather’s old farmhouse. In their new town, they meet friends Lucky and Podcast, and find that there are strange incidents that need investigation.

Captain Marvel’s McKenna is Grace Phoebe, while Stranger Thing’s Finn Wolfhard is Trevor, and Gone Girl’s Carrie Coon is Callie. Paul Rudd plays teacher Mr. Groberson, and Logan Kim plays podcaster, while Celeste O’Connor is Lucky.

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No Afterlife sequel has yet been officially announced, but it’s good to know that Reitman has a plan for the future.

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