PlayStation 5 is shaping up to be a great 2022. Many completely specific titles like Horizon Forbidden West And God of War: Ragnarok are on the way, And particular time Ghostwire: Tokyo Coming out this year. Although initially expected to come out in 2021, Ghostwire: Tokyo There was a delay in spring 2022. Unfortunately, no specific day or month is listed, so it’s possible that the title could appear anytime between March and June.

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Developers interested in Tango GameWorks’ Ghostwire: Tokyo One must feel optimistic though, as the title was just rated in Korea. just last month, Ghostwire: Tokyo It was also rated in Brazil, and although no new information or release date was seen, ratings suggest the PlayStation 5 exclusive is making steady progress.


According to the official GRAC site, Ghostwire: Tokyo 15 was rated. As previously noted, not much new information was gained from the ratings, but it is likely that the age 15 rating was given because of the violence depicted in the game. Judging by the ratings, however, it makes sense that it would be rated lower than a traditional horror title, as it was confirmed a while back. Ghostwire: Tokyo Will be more of an action-adventure game than a horror title.

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What has been shown so far still looks like this Ghostwire: Tokyo There will be elements of horror that players will have to face through the Yokai. That being said, due to the setting and the main character’s unique ability, it doesn’t appear that the Yokai will be as scary as traditional horror game enemies when they appear throughout the game.

with the start of 2022 as it is, and Ghostwire: Tokyo Currently set for release sometime in the spring, it will be interesting to see if the title will arrive towards the later part of that release window. While the game continues to progress as anticipated by age ratings, there’s still a lot that gamers don’t know about Tango GameWorks’ new IP.

The last Ghostwire: Tokyo The trailer came out back in September 2021, and although it gave fans more context about the story as well as new gameplay footage, the full capabilities shown and the traversal of the environment are still a mystery. However, this mystery is part of the interest surrounding Ghostwire: Tokyo, Despite limited information being shared as the release date approaches, according to the reception to the footage shown so far, many fans can’t wait to get their hands on the game’s release.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Launching in Spring 2022 on PC and PS5.

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