Give the gift of ever-flowing water with the Petlibro Capsule for your favorite furry friend

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We all know that our cats can have a tendency to be a little picky. They have a refined taste, and they don’t want to drink water that has been sitting for too long. NS Petlibro Capsule Constantly running fresh and clean water can help entice them, so your cat knows it is safe to drink.

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The Petlibro Capsule is a high-capacity water fountain that is a great addition to a cat’s domain. The wide bowl makes it easy for your cat to carry the water inside, and the 2.1-liter capacity will help ensure that a good amount of water is available for two cats, even if you often leave the house to work for long hours. get out of , Since the water tank is translucent, it’s also easy to see when the fountain needs to be refilled.

With Petlibro Capsules, your cat is getting a better, more appealing drink. By keeping the water flowing, the capsule makes it easy for your pet to recognize that the water is there and is safe to drink. The water is also being run through a five-layer filter to remove hair, debris, mold and other substances that can get into the water.


petlibro Bowls and tanks are designed with perfectly rounded corners to prevent areas of still water where bacteria could otherwise establish breeding grounds. The shape also helps to make it easier to clean, so mold doesn’t develop.

The capsule offers two modes of operation, to help you find something to tempt your pet. It can run as a pouring fountain with a constant flow of water going into the bowl, or can have water bubbling down into the fountain while providing more room for your pet to reach the bowl.

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Operation is controlled by a patented pump that operates at an extremely low noise level, allowing you to keep it running even while you sleep.

If your cat is not drinking enough water or his water bowl is never clean, Petlibro capsule water fountain is a good option to try. You can surprise your pet with a capsule fountain as a gift this holiday season or it can make a great gift for a friend’s pet. It comes in four colors – purple, blue, orange and green – to help complete your decor. Petlibro will be releasing an enhanced version with a stainless steel water pan this holiday season. And Petlibro Capsules are just one of the many assistive devices the brand offers to make taking care of your pet extremely simple.

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