God of warThe action-adventure franchise has solidified itself as a staple for PlayStation and modern video games with a wide range of titles across multiple console generations. But also apart from its primary franchise entries, God of war‘s The prolific crossover in other franchises is largely due to the statuette of its titular protagonist.

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Between Kratos’s Crossovers fortnite, Shovel Knight, And mortal KombatThere have been various perspectives of the immobile, field-changing deity that portray him in a unique light, even if they are not necessarily canon perspectives. Recently, a fan artist’s crossover has mixed characters from the latest God of war With the art style of a game whose explosive visuals are uniquely recognizable.


L3mmie, otherwise known as Danielle Lehmker, shares rubber hose fan art God of warK Kratos and Atreus. L3mmie admits that cuphead His was his “greatest source of inspiration” for the artwork, which is reflected prominently and wonderfully. cupheadIts visually striking art style is complemented by its distinctive rubber hose animation style. The rubber hose animation is from a 1920s cartoon and is typically depicted with characters that feature wiry limbs and appendages without any anatomical expression, as seen here with Kratos and Atreus.

In Anticipation of God of War Ragnarok I Made Some Rubberhose Fanarty From
God of war

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Kratos and Atreus’s rubber hose-style designs are truly adorable, and fans share their newfound desire for a crossover of the two franchises. Reddit user l-mitochondria proposes to feature Kratos as a cuphead boss, while pondering the idea of ​​the LDG192 God of war Being “Disney IP back in the 30s”. Animation of rubber hose. is much less graphic or detailed than God of warIts current graphical fidelity, which also removes it from its more brutal and violent overtones, to give Kratos and Atreus a rather healthy and cartoonish aesthetic.

epic mickey, Skullgirls, And bendy and the ink machine There are a few examples of other games that have employed rubber hose animation to make it mesmerizing. cuphead It may not be the last game to implement this particular style, although due to its importance it is likely that any subsequent game that tries will be forced to succumb to the inevitable. cuphead Compare Even then.

L3mmie says they plan to upload their rubber hose fan art to their website, where fans can already purchase detailed fine art prints of Ellie, Abby, Dina, and Joel. the last 2 of us, as well as for a print cyberpunk2077The default male of V. Until then, fans can imagine what the other characters of God of war The franchise will look like this art style.

God of war Available now for PS4 and PS5, with the PC version scheduled for release on January 14, 2022. cuphead Available for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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