Although God of War: Ghost of Sparta Released 10 years ago, the recent promotion of God of War (2018)The talking in the PC port release of K is a fan of all the games. This has prompted fans to look for older games in the series, including God of War: Ghost of Sparta,

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one day before God of War (2018)PC release of, one of these fans decided to pay tribute God of War: Ghost of Sparta, Using its cover art to create animation. The result was a breathtaking work of art, adding new detail to the cover while improving on already existing art. In addition, the fan added God of War: Ghost of Sparta Menu music for animation adds to the quality.


The fan in question, Reddit user KratosMemories posted the animation God of war subreddit. He explained that the tribute was created to celebrate one streamer’s reach of 130,000 subscribers, and let others know they could download the animation for use as wallpaper.

I animated the god of war – Ghost of Sparta cover From
God of war

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Absolutely liked by users God of war Animation. Some of them commented congratulating KratosMemories for their effort, saying that the animation combined with the music made for a wonderful piece. Other users recalled the series’ older titles, telling KratosMemories about their animation and menu music that brought them back to a ton of nostalgia. Also, although KratosMemories said users could, others asked if they could download and use the animation.

The attention to detail shown by KratosMemories can be seen when one looks at the original cover of the game. Every element from the cover is present, but highlighted in new ways. Kratos himself is given movement, as are his clothes and chains. Prakash can also be seen crawling along the grooves of his swords. Embers dance across the screen, exposing the chaotic, flame-covered, smoky background in the foreground. Coming to the background, clouds and fire can be seen moving slightly, which gives the animation a more alive feel.

God of war The series is alive and well after its most successful title to date in 2018 and a port of that title has just been released. However, KratosMemories created a nostalgic work of art for fans of older games to enjoy. God of war Gets away from its Greek roots. One thing for nostalgic fans to consider is telling the developers how much they’d love the remake or the return to Grease; Whether Kratos will return to the fight is unclear, but with the franchise’s recent success, perhaps the developers themselves will consider creating an homage.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta Sony is out now for the PSP.

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