When it comes to God of war, there are plenty of figures and figurines that fans can buy from the series’ heroes, but not the various gods and monsters that Kratos has to face. With so many interesting characters, it’s a shame they aren’t available for more. That’s why one fan took it upon themselves to create their own giant Hades figure using a fictional character from an entirely different universe as a base.

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Hades helped Kratos become another obstacle to the Ghost of Sparta at the end of the original early in the series. God of war Trilogy When Kratos faces Hades, players see what a great beast the god of the underworld is. So it’s fitting that the father of Reddit user snek12365 used the Marvel Hulk as the basis for creating his Hades figure.


However, it is more than a simple paint job. The creator has donned all the costumes from Paatal Lok and even his weapon, The Clause of Hades. also added. Once the huge figure of Paatal Lok was finished, snek12365 posted a picture of his father’s creation to Reddit.

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It’s like forever Kratos was taking down the Greek pantheon. He is now a father and is in the midst of a journey that will likely end with him taking down most of the Norse pantheon. a new trailer for God of War: Ragnarok was released earlier this month at the PlayStation Showcase. Much was clarified about the sequel’s story.

After the major revelations at the end of the first game, Atreus is a little older and more interested than ever in finding his roots. This will take him and Kratos to new places, where they will face new friends and enemies. Thor, the god of thunder, is one of the major antagonists. God of War: Ragnarok. His character design, which looks nothing like Chris Hemsworth, has been the source of many memories since the trailer premiered.

The biggest reveal in the trailer is that Tire will be making his debut in the sequel. The Norse god of war was mentioned several times in the first game and was an always present figure in the story. Now that it is confirmed that Kratos and Atreus will meet him physically, Tyre’s presence has a huge impact on him. God of warthe story of.

Perhaps the most surprising news of the sequel came after the trailer was revealed during an interview with director Eric Williams. it was confirmed that God of War: Ragnarok There is an end to the Norse saga, making this part of Kratos’ journey a dichotomy rather than a trilogy, as was believed by many.

It is not yet stated whether Kratos will return to the Helheim of Norse mythology, the equivalent of the Greek underworld, or if he will encounter the goddess Hel, the ruler there. If the audience gets to see Hell, let’s hope it is as intimidating as Paatal Lok. If so, then fans can also make their statues.

God of War: Ragnarok Will release in 2022 for PS4 and PS5.

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