God of war The series has been enjoying a resurgence recently, especially with a new installment at some point. As one of the most beloved PlayStation hack-and-slash titles, the franchise was given a massive reboot in 2018, changing the overall style and look of the game, as well as breathing new life into the protagonist, Kratos. Since then, there have recently been reports of a reboot coming to PC, and with that port being released too soon, some gameplay footage is shown at CES 2022, exclusively by Nvidia.

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In a YouTube video uploaded to the Nvidia GeForce channel, some footage of what’s to come God of war Gives a general, if brief, description of what this version of the game will look like on PC. The 34-second clip intends to tease out some of the gameplay while showing off the company’s own graphical technology. According to a report by DSO Gaming, the release will support DUALSHOCK 4 and DualSense wireless controllers, which will be good news for fans who prefer controllers over mouse and keyboard, especially for third-person games.


Specifically, the footage is intended to show off Nvidia’s low latency reflex technology, which allows for a near-simultaneous display of the footage. In the clip, it is shown that, with the reflex turned off, Kratos succumbs to an attack from the animal he is fighting. With this turned on, he is able to run out of time, essentially showing that players will be able to move time better. However, it’s worth noting that, according to the video description, the footage was captured on an Nvidia 30-series GPU and G-SYNC monitors.

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On top of that, the DSO report further states that God of war Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling on PC will support upscaling technology, something that has recently become an industry standard. This AI-powered software enables redrawing of pixels to make it comparable to running at higher resolutions natively. In general, the gameplay footage gives a brief overview of what the PC port of the game will look like, but primarily seeks to show off Nvidia’s own technology.

As for the series itself, there have been leaks about a potential Ragnarok, god of war The release date, which launches on September 30, 2022, is yet to be confirmed though. If this is true, then this year is going to be quite exciting for the fans. God of war Voting.

God of war Available on PS4 and arrives on PC on January 14, 2022.

Source: DSO Gaming

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