God of War looks great on PC, but don’t play it with a keyboard and mouse

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God of war Big deal for Sony on PC. Sure, other PlayStation exclusive titles have arrived on PC before – days gone came to Steam in May 2021 and Horizon Zero Dawn Made the same jump in August 2020 – but critically acclaimed God of war is on the second level. The 2018 title defined the PS4 with its release, and coming to PC, it must prove that the console staple of PlayStation can easily make the leap to a new platform.

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after spending some time with God of war On my own computer, however, the port seems like a mixed bag. i recently played again God of war On my PS5 and fell in love with the game again. Its story is nothing short of gripping, and slaying enemies with Kratos’ axes and swords is endlessly entertaining.

while playing through God of warAs ‘Story is the good ol’ time on PC as it is on consoles, actually playing the game with keyboard and mouse just feels off. It’s not because I’ve played the game on consoles before (I’ve made that leap before and with fewer problems with other games), but it’s because God of war Still a game that was first designed with consoles in mind. It doesn’t feel like a game made for PC, but rather an adaptation after the fact.

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PC version of God of war Not a bad port by specific standards. The game runs well on my computer, which sports an AMD RX 5700, a Ryzen 5600x, and 16GB of RAM. Playing the game at 1440p on its high graphics settings, I can easily hit between 60 and 70 frames per second.

God of war An astonishing game to watch and continue on on PC as well. And while the game’s graphics settings options may not be as robust as I’d like, it’s enough for players to make sure it does whatever it wants to look good.

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But then, things like performance and God of warThe story is not why the game feels so foreign on PC. There is something intrinsically wrong with the moment-to-moment gameplay experience. It’s difficult to control Kratos with mouse and keyboard. During my time with the game I didn’t really do anything like it was done on the console. Instead of moving Kratos, God of war On PC it feels like you are using her as a sock puppet.

Kratos near Brock in God of War.

A lot of these issues boil down to not using the controller. For the first time ever, the keyboard and mouse seem to limit a game. There’s Something Unusual About Being Only Able To Walk On Eight Axes God of war, an extremely cinematic game when a wide range of angles are available with a single controller. The two joysticks move the Hawking Greek God more naturally than the instantaneous, robotic nature of the four keys.

in this kind of game God of warThese little things make a big difference. I can always see Kratos, I always know how he’s progressing, and if it’s even a bit of a look, the whole experience of traversing the game’s vast map makes it hard to enjoy. There’s also something to be said about the benefit of turning slowly with the joystick instead of being able to whip out the camera using the mouse. Those slow movements add weight and weight, while turning Kratos around using a mouse feels unnaturally light. Again, there’s a disconnect between the pace of the game and how players actually make those inputs.

Playing games with keyboard and mouse also means that God of warbattle of. The vibrations and thunder that come from attacking enemies, throwing an ax and missing it are vital to the full combat experience of the game. Without any of these, splitting the enemy in two is empty, though it’s still fun to watch.

Kratos beheads an enemy in God of War

While these issues can be fixed by plugging a controller into my PC, should it be an uninterruptible PC port, this is a defeated approach. if done right, God of war On PC, played with a keyboard and mouse, it will feel just as good as playing it with a controller. The weight and impact will still be there, Kratos’ movements will be natural, and the moment-to-moment gameplay won’t be affected by the change in format.

Instead, God of war PC still has all the bones of a console game and it feels like it’s fighting back against the platform it’s on right now. The performance is concerning enough that it raises questions about how future PC ports of PlayStation are at large, including unknown 4, will happen when they finally launch. With Sony’s own studio making games with the intention of bringing them to PC at some point, they have to be designed in a way that works well on both platforms.

One version may not have inherent superiority, although avoiding it will be a challenge due to the PS5’s admittedly great features. The DualSense controller is a game-changer in itself; It is essential for the core experiences of both Ratchet and Clank: Apart from the Rift And returnal,

The upside here is that the games can be played on PC with full DualSense support. Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition, F1 2021, And Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla All come with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers on PC, but PC players shouldn’t be tempted to buy the DualSense controller. Any PC port should be able to run with a keyboard and mouse and feel just as good on a console. Sony will have to do a little more work to accomplish this.

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