God of War PC’s new accessibility features ‘laid the groundwork’ for God of War Ragnarok

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The PC port of God of War arrives Friday, and it’s a good one: In our review, staff writer Morgan Park praised its DLSS support, which enables framerates above 60 fps. For the developers of God of War, the PC port was an opportunity to add ultrawide support and dial down some of the settings they could pull off on the PlayStation 4, but it was also an opportunity to rethink how accessibility was when they were making games. Receive.

“It’s really laid some groundwork in the backend,” said UX and accessibility lead Mila Pavlin. “Many accessibility features require that you change your pipeline about how you create content. [The PC port] allowed us to go back in and re-look at how we were actually building some of the underlying code.”


For the PC version of God of War the developers wanted to address sprinting, which entailed clicking into a thumbstick on a controller (aka the L3 button). “A lot of players find that button particularly a little difficult to use,” Pavlin said. For players with muscle fatigue, the heavy click required to depress thumbsticks can be a deterrent, so Santa Monica Studios built an auto-sprint feature into the new PC version. You can set a threshold that determines how long you have to hold down a direction before Kratos starts running automatically.

Pavlin noted that the PC’s adaptability and support for all kinds of controllers naturally open the door to more accessibility options, but those benefits may also indirectly carry over to Santa Monica’s next game on PS5: God of War Ragnarok. can go. Revisiting the 2018 code gave developers a chance to create a “more accessible framework” for their next game.

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“Working on things like keyboard remapping allows us to really see how the pipeline works as a whole, and carry this forward through all of our SMS products,” Pavlin said. “So that should help us build a better foundation to work in future products.”

Senior Technical Producer Matt Dewald said that “PC accessibility is only a small part of what we want to do. It’s stuff we can easily do without going back and rewriting stuff. But Mila K. To the point, accessibility is really important to us. And we want to try to make sure that we can support as much as we can. So there are some big plans.”

For more on the PC port of God of War, check out our God of War tips for first time players, and please turn off motion blur.

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