GOG says they ‘shouldn’t have released’ Hitman on their store, removes it

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GOG is the most trusted DRM-free store in PC gaming, and it has built its reputation on that concept over the years. Obviously, GOG diehards were very upset when Hitman retained its extensive always-online DRM features at the store a few weeks ago. “”This game is not DRM-free in any meaningful sense,” said one very on-the-nose review.

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GOG Community Manager Gabriella Siemienkowicz has now followed up on the problems, as promised a few weeks ago. “We’re still in talks with IO Interactive about this release. Today we’ve removed Hitman Gotti from GOG’s catalog – as you mentioned, we shouldn’t have released it in its current form,” he said. deployment of Under the username Chandra on the GOG Forums. “We apologize for the confusion and anger this situation has caused. We have let you down and we want to thank you for bringing this topic up to us – while this was honest to the bone, it shows how passionate Yes, you are on GOG’s side.”

Community response has been generally positive, although some users are still outraged that GOG’s initial statements implied that their negative rating of Hitman was “review bombshell”.


IO Interactive’s release of Hitman on GOG was nothing but DRM, with multiple game modes and basic unlocks such as starting positions, weapons, and costumes locked behind an online connection. This is despite a statement from the GOG store page that the game was “DRM free. No activation or online connection is required to play.”

good place, Eurogamer.

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