Google adds another string to its fretboard with built-in guitar tuning

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Google has launched a new feature to help guitarists tune their instruments in an easy and convenient way.

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The guitar-tuning functionality is actually built-in directly within Google Search, meaning you can just go to Google in your browser – on a smartphone or PC whatever your device is – and access the chromatic tuning function there and then (‘ Search Google tuner ‘)’).

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We say that any instrument, but naturally, it should have a microphone in order to pick up on the sound of your guitar plucking strings. When the string is played, Google has a meter that shows you whether you need to tune up or down, and lets you know when the correct note has been reached.


User feedback indicates that the system works well enough, at least for basic tuning requirements. Note, however, that the quality of the mic put will obviously affect any results, so don’t expect much from an old laptop with a crappy little microphone, for example, or a low-budget phone.

Analysis: A no-fuss solution and seriously convenient

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Android Police saw this development, and as the website sees, there are already several options for guitar tuning apps. However, some of the popular ones can be filled with unwanted bits and pieces in terms of monetization, such as advertising or upselling efforts, and may be frustrated by poor interfaces (or both of the above).

At least now there’s a streamlined and simple alternative that works quite well, and runs fine in your browser without any fuss, and doesn’t require installing anything (or actually installing something, uninstall it) When you realize how annoying it is, install something else, and…). Kudos to Google, then.

If you’re looking for a more in-depth tuning app, however, generally recommended candidates include Fender Tune, GuitarTuna, and Peterson Istrobosoft Tuner (on iOS for the latter anyway, the Android version lacks some features and can be a bit flakier). can) according to reviews).

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