Google and YouTube say they won’t allow ads or monetized content pushing climate denial

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Google announced on Thursday that it will no longer allow ads or monetization of content that promotes climate change denial. NS policy change will apply to publishers, advertisers and YouTube creators who will no longer be able to make money from content that “contradicts the well-established scientific consensus about the existence and causes of climate change.”

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Google plans to implement the new policy with a mix of algorithmic detection and human moderation, and the change will go into effect next month. While the new rules have some room for interpretation, according to Google they are “[include] Materials that refer to climate change as a hoax or a scam, deny that long-term trends show the global climate is warming, and claim that greenhouse gas emissions or human activity are contributing to climate change. contributes.

In a blog post, the Google Ads team said the policy change reflects the wishes of advertisers who “simply don’t want their ads to appear next to this content.” The blog post also mentioned that the creators and publishers don’t want the ads to promote climate denial on their videos, though that fact seems a bit questionable given how rife Google’s video platform is with misinformation.


Google’s new policy takes a tough stance on false claims about the climate crisis, but the social network has only just started counting Along with their role in the dissemination of climate misinformation. YouTube has in the past proved notoriously slow to introduce new rules designed to curb the flow of misinformation on issues, including false claims about the US election.

Ultimately, the policy is a reform – all platforms should build stronger rules around the accelerating existential threat to humanity – but the new rules will only break into the misinformation ecosystem if they are aggressively and consistently enforced.

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