Google and YouTube will cut off ad money for climate change deniers

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Advertisers, publishers and YouTube creators can no longer monetize content that denies the existence of climate change

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Google will no longer allow advertisers, publishers and YouTube creators to monetize content that denies the existence of climate change. The company explained the changes in detail in a support document on Thursday.


“Today, we are announcing a new monetization policy for Google advertisers, publishers, and YouTube creators that will prohibit ads and monetization of content that violates the well-established scientific consensus about the existence and causes of climate change. denies,” the team said in the Google Ads document. “This includes material referring to climate change as a hoax or a scam, denials that long-term trends show that the global climate is warming, and claims that greenhouse gas emissions or human activity are warming the climate.” contribute to change.”

Google says it will use a mix of automated tools and human reviews to implement the policy. Google said, “When evaluating content against this new policy, we will carefully consider the context in which the claims are made, distinguishing between content that states a false claim as fact, that content.” who reports on or discusses that claim.” According to Google, ads on climate topics such as public debates on climate policy, research and more will still be allowed.

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The increased action against climate change deniers marks Google’s second major misinformation policy change in recent days, almost a week after YouTube banned vaccine misinformation. It follows new features announced by the search giant, aimed at helping people reduce their carbon footprint.

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