Google Chrome finally gives users a free PDF editor

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After years of waiting and frustration, a free PDF editor is finally coming to Google Chrome, thanks to Adobe.

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The software giant has announced a new Adobe Chrome extension that gives users what it calls “the most comprehensive set of PDF tools in a browser.”

The release means that users will no longer need to download a standalone version of Acrobat or other tools to access PDF files online.

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Also available on Microsoft Edge, the new Adobe Acrobat PDF tools solve a major headache for users everywhere, providing an easy way to view and edit PDF documents directly in the browser.

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This includes being able to download and share PDFs with others for group review and feedback without the need to send attachments.

Users will now be able to quickly add comments, highlights or images to PDF files in their browser window using the dropdown pane. The update also means users can e-sign documents without downloading additional tools, and quickly fill out forms manually or using pre-filled information.

The extension will allow users to rotate, delete or rearrange PDF pages, convert PDFs to Microsoft Word documents, and retain formatting to optimize viewing and printing.

You’ll also be able to convert web pages to PDF, while preserving layout, formatting, and links – saving major headaches for users everywhere.

Accessing and using PDF files on Microsoft Edge has been a work in progress for some time as the browser fixes long-standing user issues.

However, the browser recently announced a new feature that will allow users to pick up where they left off with a PDF file, whether it’s reading, editing or collaborating.

The new Continuity feature means you’ll be able to skip a PDF file or browser tab altogether, but when revisiting the file, Edge will take you back to where you were — without the need for endless scrolling.

Microsoft Edge is also set to test a new one-click “Save as PDF” feature in its context menu, allowing faster and more accurate PDF saving with just one action.

And browsers want to make editing PDFs easier with another new feature that will allow you to add text to a document without using a third-party application.

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