Google is making it easier to doomscroll through search results

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Continuous scrolling is coming to search results on mobile in the US

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Google is making it easier to doomscroll through search results by automatically loading new ones as you reach the end of the page. Previously, when you went to the end of a page of Google search results, there was a big “See More” button at the bottom that you could tap on to, well, see more results. With the results loaded continuously, you’ll just keep scrolling to see more.


There are a few advantages to continuous scrolling; If you don’t have to consciously choose to tap the “See More” button, it’s very easy to see more results quickly. I can’t say I’m looking forward to this change, though, since reaching the end of a Google search page was often a natural place for me to ponder whether I’ve learned enough or if I wanted to find out more. Am. With the constant scrolling, it can be hard for me to tear myself off the page, which is something I already struggle with endless feedings using the social network.

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Continuous scrolling for “Most English searches on mobile in the US” is starting “slowly” on Thursday. According to a Google blog post.

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