Google Pixel 6 colors: every shade, including those for the Pixel 6 Pro

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The Google Pixel 6 range hasn’t been fully unveiled yet, but Google has revealed the colors you’ll be able to get on both the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

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Sadly, the actual names of the colors haven’t been revealed, but one leak sheds light on two of them, and for the others we’ll just have to use our eyes.

There are five colors in total, with two particular shades in each model, so you may have to go for the Pixel 6 exclusively or the Pro exclusively if you want a certain color. We’ve detailed them all below, so you can see what suits your pick.

Google Pixel 6 Colors


The Google Pixel 6 comes in three color options – black, light green or pink. Note that the sides and camera block of the phone are black in all cases. We emphasize this because that’s not the case with the Pixel 6 Pro, as you’ll see further down.

Google Pixel 6 in black

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Boring shadow. Default. If you want something that doesn’t stand out too much, this black (rumored called Carbon) is the one for you, as the other Pixel 6 colors are a bit more interesting.

It does look smart though, and includes a gray accent on top of the camera block, which would otherwise be pretty plain. The black of the camera block is also a different shade, so it only manages to have a three-tone rear.

Google Pixel 6 in light green

Rumored to be called Fog, this shade is light green with a hint of blue. This is an unusual tone and is accentuated by a pale yellow stripe above the camera. That camera block is black (as is the case on every model), so you get three different colors here.

While it’s an unusual pairing, none of the colors look overly bright, so it shouldn’t be a garish setup.

Google Pixel 6 in pink

There’s also a light pink or cream Pixel 6 with red accents. It’s arguably a less unusual color selection than the green option above, but it also looks a bit brighter and more attractive. Select this if you want your Pixel 6 to get instant attention.

Google Pixel 6 Pro Colors

Google Pixel 6 Pro is also available in three colors. With yellow and white, the Pixel 6 is just as black.

Google Pixel 6 Pro in black

You can get the Google Pixel 6 Pro in the same black as the standard Pixel 6, and it’s arguably the most boring color here with the Pixel 6, though it’s got some competition from the white below.

Boring isn’t bad though – not everyone wants a phone that stands out, and you still get a gray accent above the camera.

Google Pixel 6 Pro in white

The Google Pixel 6 Pro is also available in white, which is another fairly plain colour. Although it looks like an off-white with a light gray accent on top of the camera block.

There’s arguably a bit more difference between the colors here than in the black model, and also note that the sides and camera block of the phone have a silver finish, which is absent in the black shade (and on every shade of the standard). Pixel 6).

Google Pixel 6 Pro in Yellow

The most interesting and possibly divisive of the Pixel 6 Pro shades is this yellow which has a peach stripe on top, along with a gold frame and camera accents.

So if you want Google’s top phone to appear in a different shade, then this phone is better for you. This might even give the Pixel 6’s colors a run for their money.

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