Google Pixel Fold benchmark suggests the phone is still in the works and coming soon

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The Google Pixel Fold, along with the Pixel Watch, has long been a rumor, and we’ve long wondered whether or not it will launch. But the latest leaks suggest that Google is still actively working on it, and that the launch may not be too far away.

MySmartPrice has spotted a Geekbench listing for a Google phone with the codename Pipit, and it is a codename that is believed to be related to the Pixel Fold.


The listing reveals several details, including 12GB of RAM, a chipset that matches the specs of Google Tensor found in the Pixel 6 and Android 12 (though we’d expect the phone to actually launch with Android 12L).

Nothing surprising here, but if Google has a version of the phone being benchmarked, and it’s using the Tensor chipset, it suggests it may launch soon. Benchmarks often (though not always) appear closer to launch, and we’d expect a new chipset if the Pixel Fold was to launch later this year.

In fact, we can speculate that it may even arrive in the first half of the year, as in the second half Google will probably have the Pixel 7 range alongside the Tensor 2.

The listing also reveals a single-core score of 4,811 and a multi-core score of 11,349, which is in line with the Pixel 6 as expected – note that this is a Geekbench 4 listing, which scores higher than the Geekbench 5 gives.

We always take early benchmarks with a pinch of salt, so even if it’s accurate, it’ll likely use pre-release hardware and software, so things may change and get better before launch.

Samsung needs some competition

Opinion: A Foldable Throwdown That’s Good For Buyers

If you ask me, the Google Pixel Fold can’t come soon enough. Currently, Samsung has little competition in the foldable space, so giving buyers more options (and encouraging Samsung to step up its game) can only be a good thing.

Plus, the Pixel Fold could be the perfect showcase for Android 12L – Google’s upcoming version of Android that’s designed for larger-screen devices, so this is the perfect year for it.

Hopefully this benchmark is actually a sign that it’s coming soon, but there’s still a chance it might not be coming at all, because not long ago we heard a rumor that the Pixel Fold was canceled . Fingers crossed, so no.

  • There are lots of good foldable phones

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