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The Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro have now been unveiled and while it was rumored that the Pixel Watch might arrive at the same time, it was not to be. Judging by what we’ve heard about the Google Watch, we can speculate that it’s in development, but the big question is when it will arrive.

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The latest report states that it will arrive at some point in 2022, so you can expect to be able to buy the new smartwatch next year.

Just like Pixel phones are a showcase for Android, the Google Pixel Watch is expected to be an example of Wear OS’s full potential — and given the big update to the wearable operating system featured at Google IO, we thought the watch wasn’t. far behind.


Below we’re going to break down everything we know so far about the upcoming watch. Then, further down, we’ve compiled a list of the features we want from the first flagship Google Watch.

breaking news
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A new report suggests that the Google Pixel Watch is in development, and could be tipped to arrive in 2022.

cut to the chase

  • What is this? The first flagship watch designed by Google
  • How much does this cost? Maybe a higher end cost, but no details yet
  • When is it out? probably early 2022

Google Pixel Watch release date and price

The exact release date of the rumored Google Pixel Watch is unclear – predictions based only on leaks. The latest report from Insider claims to speak to people familiar with the matter who suggest it is coming in 2022.

This matches what we’ve heard from other sources in recent months, but the Pixel Watch is now rumored to be in development in good numbers.

A tweet by the eminent leaker avelix A “trusted source” claimed it would be announced alongside the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL in 2018, then a rumor claimed that the Google Watch would land on the Pixel 4 launch on October 15, 2019 – but of course , It did not happen. And we’re still waiting.

We’re pretty confident a watch like this is in the works, and it’s possible the Pixel Watch could benefit from Google’s acquisition of Fitbit, which could see the latter company’s wearable prowess geared toward Google smartwatch hardware, but The deal was only finalized in January 2021.

A smartwatch based on Fitbit’s technology is unlikely to land in the near future — although Google has announced that a premium Fitbit running Wear OS is in the works.

Better still, at Google IO 2021 the company announced that Wear OS was integrating features from Samsung’s Tizen OS, which may suggest what’s coming to the Google Watch.

We have also heard that Google has reportedly ordered processors from Samsung (according to ETNews) that will be capable of detecting body movements. There’s no guarantee these are for a smartwatch (they could be for a Pixel phone) but a wearable would be an obvious fit. Then, there’s solid proof that some form of Pixel Watch is in the works.

As far as the price is concerned, we have no idea at the moment how much this watch will cost. Considering the Pixel range generally consists of high end products with flagship level prices, we would expect this but we currently have no evidence to support this.

Google Pixel Watch News and Rumors

In terms of specs, not much is known about the Google Pixel Watch, although a source suggests it will use a 5nm chipset – possibly the same rumored Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 4. You can expect the 5nm chipset to be much more powerful than the chipset seen in current Wear OS watches.

We’ve also seen a Google patent, which details a gesture control system that would allow a smartwatch to detect the movements you make with your hand, wrist, or fingers.

For example, you can make a fist to launch Google Assistant and open a fist to dismiss it. These gestures are made on the hand or hand on which the watch is worn. However, patents aren’t always used, so there’s no guarantee we’ll see it.

There may also be a bigger focus on fitness, both because Google is buying Fitbit, and because Google sent out a survey asking people about the features they’d like to see in Wear OS, and the SPOs in those features. 2 (oxygenation) tracking, sleep apnea detection, sleep analysis, heartbeat alerts, recovery time monitoring, stress tracking, pairing to medical devices and gym equipment, rape detection, and calorie tracking.

Of course, it’s unlikely they’ll all be paired, but some may well be, and it shows that Google is thinking about health and fitness.

As for specs, the Pixel Watch is likely to run Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon Wear 4100 Plus chipset, which means you’ll have plenty of power to run your favorite apps on your wrist.

Wear OS is the latest version of Google’s smartwatch operating system

One rumored feature was something codenamed ‘Blackghost’. It was believed to have a power management integrated circuit built into the chipset that would allow the clock to listen for voice commands at all times without draining the battery.

It’s not a feature on the Snapdragon Wear 4100 Plus, but Google may have found a way to make it an exclusive feature for the Pixel Watch when it launches – or that the watch will use a new chipset.

If so, expect to be able to ask Google Assistant questions after a few hours either without turning over your smartwatch or pressing a button first.

Another report – from this time Vin Bhavishya – suggested that might actually be Three versions of the Pixel Watch in development. The website has heard words for devices with the code names ling, triton and sardines at Google headquarters.

Exactly what the difference will be for the devices is currently unclear. This could mean that we will see three variants of the Pixel Watch. The same report also suggested that at least one variant of the watch will come with 1GB of RAM.

This report could mean that there will be one watch in the range with LTE or another that is designed to be more focused on fitness, but so far we haven’t heard any rumors that they will be different. What will the versions be? This report is also quite old now, so it may not be relevant anymore.

The rumors died down for more than a year until April 2020, when a leak suggested the Pixel Watch might have a feature usually reserved for analog timepieces: a physical crown, according to an image by leaker John Prosser.

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Prosser followed up with a batch of provided images based on information provided by a source that potentially shows the first full look at the Pixel Watch’s supposed design. Watch the full video of Prosser’s revelations here.

As per the renders, the Pixel Watch looks like a circular smartwatch with a bezel-less display, no buttons and a single physical crown on the right side. The renders recreate the suggested interface, including the watch face with radial time markers, giving it an analog timepiece look. The apps look very simple, suggesting that Google could go for a more elegant minimalist design.

what do we want to see

Below we’ve put together a list of the things we want to see from the Google Pixel Watch.

1. Rotating Crown or Bezel

Samsung’s Gear Sport uses a rotating bezel

Before the switch to Wear OS, Android Wear 2.0 took a big note of how the design was revamped to play nicely with the rotating bezels and crown, but then we saw many watches embracing it. Not seen.

Why not use it for the Google Pixel Watch? Those features may be tucked away in Google’s rear view mirror as Wear OS updates exemplify, but we’d love to see an innovative way to interact with the watch such as a rotating crown or bezel.

2. In-display fingerprint scanner

If Google really wants to put the Pixel Watch on the map, adding an in-display fingerprint scanner will go a long way in doing so. Currently Wear OS watches (and the Apple Watch) allow you to protect them with a PIN code – but this isn’t the most secure form of protection available.

With an in-display fingerprint scanner, the secure biometric technology will fit seamlessly into the wearable without hampering the visual appeal of the watch. This will allow you to approve purchases that exceed the current contactless limit (assuming the Pixel Watch comes with NFC).

There are some potential downsides here though. Firstly, the addition of this new technology may add thickness to the watch – and no one wants an overly chunky wearable – but secondly it will also drive up the price tag.

If Google can pull these two things off, you can sign us up for the Pixel Watch now.

3. Swimproof

We’re used to smartwatches that come with dust and water resistance levels, but few have enough of an IP certification to ensure their survival when we cannonball into the local pool.

The fully-floated Google Pixel Watch will not only allow you to keep the wearable in the shower, but will also allow you to track workouts in the pool without fear of malfunction.

4. Three Days Battery Life

New improved battery saver mode on Wear OS

It’s a simple one, but we wish the Google Pixel Watch could last as long. Imagine a full blown smartwatch that doesn’t need to be charged after two days of intense use.

Wear OS is integrating a useful advanced battery saver mode that will give you a lot more time with your smartwatch, but will limit the amount of features you can use while it’s on.

Clearly Google wants to improve how long your watch will last on a single charge, but we’d love to see a bigger battery and well-optimized software inside the watch that offers the best battery for smartwatches on the market right now. Is.

5. NFC Payments

Here’s another simple one, but some Wear OS watches don’t come with NFC, so you’re not able to use Google Pay features on your wrist. This is a disappointment to a lot of people, so we’re expecting Google to include an NFC chip inside the watch.

This will be especially useful when you’re out for a run and need to buy a bottle of water, but you’ve left your wallet at home.

6. Best in Class Fitness

Garmin’s Forerunner 935 comes with a…

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