Google Stadia better not blow its VR plans if it wants to survive any longer

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Let’s be honest, when was the last time you thought about Google Stadia? For us it was searching the forgotten box, our founder’s version arrived, in the back of a cupboard collecting dust, the midnight blue controller perched on its cardboard pedestal.

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While many of us shunned Google’s unfortunate game streaming service — and for a time it looked like Google was pulling the plug as well when it ditched its first-party game lineup earlier this year. – Looks like the tech giant has one final trick up its sleeve.

The job posting was recently searched by road to we are This shows that Google is hiring VR experts to work on its Stadia team. We don’t yet know what the final product will actually look like, but this move into VR may be what Stadia needs to get back in the spotlight.

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where it all went wrong


If you’re unfamiliar with the service (and there’s a good chance you have) Google Stadia is like Amazon Prime Video but for video games. You can buy digital games and even subscribe to a service to get some freebies, but they don’t run on your own hardware. Instead, Google’s servers handle almost all of the heavy lifting, and all you need is a controller, a stable Internet connection, and either a compatible smartphone, laptop, or Google Chromecast running. Your input from a controller or touchscreen is essentially directing a server-side computer somewhere up in the digital cloud.

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The big advantage of this system is that you don’t need a brand new PS5 or RTX 3090 powered gaming PC to enjoy a great gaming experience, all you need is a good enough internet connection.

However, while the early trailers for Google Stadia made great promises, the service didn’t offer many of its stand-out features at launch (and some took the best part of a year to finally arrive). Early adopters felt they were burned by false hope, and generally negative reviews were unlikely to encourage new players.

We don’t know for sure how well (or poorly) the Stadia sold, but reports have given us a glimpse at the situation and it doesn’t feel good. Rival streaming service Amazon Luna hasn’t dazzled audiences, though Xbox may be changing things up thanks to its Xbox Cloud gaming service, which is also being added to the hugely popular Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

Can Google’s Switch to VR Make Google Stadia Better Than Ever?

like the phoenix from the ashes

The Oculus Quest 2’s surprising sales figures (as it outsells all other Oculus VR headsets combined in almost half a year on sale) show that players want a cheaper wireless VR experience. The Oculus Quest 2 delivers just that, but when we like our time with the device you can sometimes notice its poorly performing hardware.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to balance price with performance in technology; Something always has to be compromised. For the Oculus Quest 2, its processing power took a hit, but it costs less than other VR headsets and doesn’t need to be limited to a $1000+ PC to run. However, with Stadia’s help, those agreements could have disappeared.

With Google’s servers doing all the hard processing, VR headsets only have to return the final image streaming and player movements. This will not only be beneficial to Facebook’s Oculus Quest headset but may also revive Google Cardboard or Daydream as even low-powered smartphones may eventually be able to deliver a decent VR performance.

There are certainly glaring issues to solve, because even minor motion delays can cause serious motion sickness and loss of immersion while you’re living in the experience. But Google Stadia’s potential in VR has us excited to get the service running again (and that’s from people who gave up their Stadia controllers before our three-month free trial expired).

We just hope we don’t feel burnt out by our over-enthusiasm again.

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