Google TV is adding personalized profiles, better info in ambient mode

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Get ready for recommendations on Google TV to become better and more personalized with the addition of top-notch profiles. Starting with Google TV with Chromecast and smart TVs from Sony and TCL, you’ll soon find recommendations that are relevant to you rather than your spouse or kids—which is important for obvious reasons.

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Personalization will extend to the Watchlist as well as Google Assistant, so you’ll get more and more accurate results.

Adding would mean adding a full Google Account to Google TV. Google didn’t provide details about whether there would be any kind of password protection, or if one user would be able to log into another’s account unhindered. However, it did say that downloaded apps and logins can be used in profiles, so you’re effectively not setting up a new device two or three or four times per user.

Google TV Surround Card.

Also sprucing up is one of Google TV’s most underrated features – Ambient Mode. You’ll start getting more personalized information and recommendations there, including weather, news, sports scores, and more. here is how google puts it:

Google TV lets you view your favorite memories from Google Photos when your TV is inactive. Now, we’re making Ambient Mode more useful by bringing more personalized information and recommendations at a glance. From the latest game scores to weather, news and more, your TV will keep you updated with information based on your profile. You can also scroll through on-screen shortcuts to jump into your photos or start playing your music and podcasts with just one click. If you’re off for a long break, your TV will completely shift to your ambient mode’s photos or curated artwork after a few minutes.

Another addition coming with this update is the addition of low-cost streaming service Philo to the live TV provider options, along with YouTube TV and Sling TV. So if you’re using the $25-per-month streaming service, you’ll see it integrated directly into the Google TV home screen.

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Google says the profile will be available to everyone globally, while the Ambient Mode cards will only be available in the United States at first.

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