GOP senator on abortion: “it’s time to turn it back to the states”

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GOP Sen. Mike Brown said on Sunday that given the difficulty of achieving political consensus on the issue of abortion, it should be left to the states.

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why it matters: As the Supreme Court considers the Mississippi abortion law that could allow the reversal of Roe Vs Wade, The landscape of access to abortion is changing rapidly across the United States.

big picture: Indiana Senator Argued on NBC”meet the PressTrying to “nationalize” the issue would mean, “You are in that area of ​​constant contention.”

  • “When it comes to things like abortion, I think it’s clear that it’s time to back it up to the states, let the diversity of this country stand out,” he said.
  • When asked by host Chuck Todd if he would criminalize abortion, Braun said, “I’m totally comfortable doing it, and not at a level where everyone has to live with the same thing.”
  • “And when it comes to criminalizing it, what you are doing is taking it to a logical extreme that you will never be able to achieve,” he argued.

When asked to compare His opposition to a personalized COVID-19 vaccine mandates women’s right to choose with regards to abortion, with Brawn brushing off the argument, “You can try to make it as an issue of equality; I don’t.” “

  • Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves(R) addressed a similar question last the Press, explaining that, “The difference between a vaccine mandate and an abortion is that vaccines allow you to protect yourself. Abortion actually goes in and kills other American babies.”


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