Gorgeous survival MMORPG BitCraft to have pre-alpha test this fall, sign-ups available now

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There’s a new MMORPG on the way, and you’ll be able to get it out this fall. BitCraft is a sandbox MMORPG that has elements of games like Walhem – you can play with friends and build villages, farm, hunt, and much more than a survival game offers. It promises cross-play in a “huge,” procedurally generated world that hosts every single player, and sign-ups for its pre-alpha test are now open. Website. Everyone who signs up is also eligible to claim a secret limited item.

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Developer Clockwork Labs says the tests will be conducted in waves to collect player feedback and test the core mechanics. Bitcraft is coming to multiple platforms, but the pre-alpha is coming to PC first. Along with the pre-alpha announcement, Clockwork Labs released an in-engine announcement trailer that showcases the art style and some of the different activities you can participate in.

The trailer shows Bitcraft looking gorgeous with striking, cool greens and blues meeting the colors of an orange sunset and stark desert. From bright sunny days at sea to stormy nights, there seems to be a great diversity in its visual palette. The trailer also shows characters chopping down trees and fishing, as well as a quick timeline of a village being built from above ground.


No match has been shown, but Tyler Clotier, co-founder of Clockwork Labs, says that’s the point.

“This is a game that emphasizes collaboration on warfare within our ever-expanding world, a core value of our gaming ethos at Clockwork Labs,” he said in a press release. Bitcraft’s website explains that it has a “deep skill system and a focus on crafting, economics, farming, and city building.” There’s also a lot of exploration and adventure in the trailer, with a character traveling through several different biomes. Co-founder Alessandro Asoni said that giving players the freedom to do what they want is important to them.

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“It’s a really ambitious MMO that focuses on how players want to play, rather than hand-holding them through content,” he said. “You can farm in a cozy village, run your own complex farm, or be part of a much larger empire of connected cities. The world is truly in the hands of our players.”

Pre-alpha tests are set to begin this fall, but a release date for the full game hasn’t been revealed.

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