Fans may find another reason to dislike Grand Theft Auto 5: Expanded and Enhanced. content from the original Grand Theft Auto 5 The latest appears to be missing from the trailer, raising concerns that Rockstar may be censoring the upcoming remaster.

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Ever since it debuted at PlayStation Showcase 2021, GTA 5: Expanded and Enhanced Being disliked online. The trailer, which shows a montage of highlights from the game and gta online, failed to win over fans, leaving many dissatisfied and angry. Recurring comments surrounding the trailer include attacks on the game’s graphics, making it look indistinguishable from the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game, and gameplay, as the trailer looks much like the same old one. GTA Formula. Combine fans’ desire for an entirely new game in one guess Grand Theft Auto 6, after already spending eight years with gta 5, and it looks like this remaster doesn’t have much going for it.


Eagle-eyed Reddit user darth_davar123 posted screenshots comparing the two in one scene. expanded and advanced And the original game on PC. In a side-by-side comparison, a clear poster of a less clothed woman behind Michael in the original game is missing from the remaster entirely. Although the images themselves are not identical, with slightly different poses of Michael and Franklin, these images are certainly from the same scene. there is a lot of cut material from gta 5 Which would have been great to see the remaster included, but it’s a step in the opposite direction.

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Fans in the comments began to voice a possible explanation for the missing poster. In a best-case scenario, Rockstar’s cut poster is trying to avoid the content warnings you get on YouTube, which doesn’t allow the uploading of sexual content. The second scenario, which worries fans, is that this is an actual edit of the game, with Rockstar starting to censor the content. gta 5. considering that GTA Known for its outspoken content, even a US lawmaker tried to ban gta 5of sales, the latter scenario would be quite ironic for Rockstar, and would mean more censoring to come.

Rockstar has always been raising the bar with its games, with most of its titles being mature experiences. In the past, other Rockstar games have been specifically censored including Grand Theft Auto San Andreas And to threaten. While video game ratings have become more diverse in the US, there are other regions of the world that weigh video game content differently, and in some cases, have banned games altogether. This gta 5 The remaster has already received a lot of scrutiny, so hopefully this incident is nothing more than a one-off incident.

Grand Theft Auto 5: Enhanced and Expanded Launched in March 2022 for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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