Groups spotlight machine learning’s role in misinformation

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Firefox maker Mozilla and a group of advocacy organizations are shedding light on the ways that the Big Tech platform’s use of machine learning allows misinformation to flourish, in a memo on Tuesday.

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why it matters: Big tech companies rely on AI and machine learning to decide what content to promote and flag problematic posts.

According to memos written by the Open Technology Institute of New America, the Anti-Defamation League, Avaaz, Decode Democracy and Mozilla, the systems operate with little transparency or accountability.


while automated systems While they can increase efficiency and help limit the exposure of human intermediaries to harmful materials, they open the door to other problems.

  • “Lack of human oversight increases the risk of errors from automated systems, which can result in the amplification of hatred, extremism, systemic bias, discrimination and misleading information,” the groups wrote.

big picture: Focusing on misinformation, the memo highlights a number of other issues caused by its excessive reliance on machine learning, including content policies that allow politicians to lie as well as advertising algorithms that help viewers in this way. which may lead to discrimination in housing and employment.

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