as big as a game grand theft auto online, Players often discover new bugs and glitches. historically, gta online The bugs have been potentially game-breaking, so players identifying them early is key to the health of the game and their own experience.

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However, a Reddit user found a bug that is completely harmless and is hiding under the noses of players. The typo appears on a sign in the Los Santos Customs office above ground floor, gta online Hub for vehicle customization. Although not technically hidden, the sign is placed in the rear left corner by the computer desk, and can only be found using the first person free camera mode. The typo is a misspelling of the word “written”, which is spelled “written” instead.


A reddit user who found the image shadow_drift posted this on gta online The subreddit and users quickly began to highlight the typo. Some users joked that the typo was an unforgivable mistake and would cause them to uninstall the game. Other users joked that the typo broke the game or made it unplayable, making light of such harmless bugs gta online, One user apparently asked shadow_drift how he found the glitch, and how much effort it took to find it.

LS Customs has a typo in this sign. “Written” instead of “Written”. From

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Recently, some game-breaking bugs or errors gta online Both have plagued and amused players, such as a fence gate that causes players to explode during a Cayo Perico heist or a bridge that causes cars to clip and fall to the ground below. Unexpected explosions and clippings are synonymous with open world games such as gta online, and lead to hilarious videos where one minute the player is driving and the next they are 1,000 feet in the air for no apparent reason.

What’s remarkable about the typo, in the face of spontaneous clipping or combustion, is that shadow_drift may be the first and only one to spot it. The post about typo was created on January 6, 2022. That means the typo has been only a few feet away from potentially millions of players for almost nine years, and yet went completely unnoticed or reported. While it’s a small detail that had no effect on gameplay, the idea that this typo was within reach of the entire player base for so long, without anyone noticing, easily shows the hidden secrets of the game players are playing. Can fly under the radar of ,

grand theft auto online Available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and arrives on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in March.

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