GTA Trilogy adds a big head mode that is unlocked via the Konami Code

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There’s a big head mod in GTA Trilogy that comes through a new cheat code.

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Just last week, when GTA Trilogy launched on console and PC alike, a user discovered a new cheat code. over on youtube, a user uploaded a brief video revealing that if a player inputs the famous ‘Konami Code’ into any of the three remastered games, the Big Head Mode cheat is activated immediately, allowing everyone to lose their heads. The ratio becomes 11.

In the short video, we can see GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas running with the big head mode cheat enabled. While the Big Head Mode cheat affects every character seen in GTA 3 and Vice City, it is oddly only active on protagonist CJs and NPCs in San Andreas, leaving CJ’s friends completely unaffected for some unknown reason. .


While cheats were plentiful in the original trilogy of GTA games, the Big Head Mode cheat wasn’t one of them. Despite previously saying that technical issues would force them to cut out previous cheats in the newly remastered trilogy, it appears as though Rockstar has managed to bring at least one new cheat into the Remastered package. Let’s hope there are more hidden cheats to be discovered in all three games.

The GTA Remastered Trilogy launched digitally across PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch systems last week, but it will be a while before the physical versions of the trilogy are out in the wild. The remastered bundle will launch physically next month on December 6th, so wait a bit if you want to secure a physical copy of Rockstar’s remastered collection.

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