GTA Trilogy player discovers nightmare fuel visual glitch

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A new bug with the GTA Remastered trilogy plasters a giant, repeating face on some waterside walls to a really bizarre effect.

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Earlier today, the clip below surfaced via Twitter, where a user reports discovering a strange bug in Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition. In the clip, the user pulls along a wall in a boat, only to find that there are real faces clearly affixed to the surface.

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It’s definitely one of the weirdest messes to have, no matter how you look at it. Similarly, the replies below the original tweet by the player puzzled over how exactly this bug could have happened, but among the comments there is actually one Lead Programmer at Naughty Dog, and even he is still unable to explain the bug.


Unfortunately, this is hardly the only bug or glitch we’ve seen in the GTA Trilogy since the collection first launched earlier this month. For example just earlier today, a player discovered that while driving their car from side to side in GTA 3, they inadvertently expand the width of the car until it’s a full two lanes on a highway Caste.

There are also widespread problems with the PC version of the remastered GTA trilogy. Namely, the launch of the Remastered bundle appeared to crash Rockstar Launcher on PC, preventing anyone from playing the trilogy, but later, the GTA Remastered Trilogy was removed from sale after modders discovered those files. Which was not in remastered. Package, which includes unlicensed music and controversial cut material from San Andreas.

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