Halo Infinite cheaters on PC cause cross-platform headaches

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Halo Infinite cheaters are already coming out on PC, raising concerns for players across all platforms thanks to the game’s cross-platform matchmaking.

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hello infinity What turned out to be a pleasant surprise in beta last week to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Halo and Xbox. A less pleasant surprise was the speed with which cheaters adapted aimbot programs for use in Halo Infinite, allowing their users to see opponents through walls and snap directly to their target for near-automatic headshots. (At least headshots only do extra damage when your shields are down).

Up-and-Up players are using Halo Infinite Theater Mode to see what it looks like from a cheater’s point of view, and it’s often even more obvious than you’d expect. Here’s one such video from KanoxHD on Reddit – keep in mind that this video only shows standard in-game visuals, while the cheaters’ actual screens are likely to have overlays to give them additional information.

there_are_already_aimbots_after_less_than_a_week From r/hello


Streamer DougisRaw also ran into cheaters in the middle of placement matches for the competitive mode, which adds extra insult to injury (there is some foul language in the video, as you might expect to hear someone taking aim during placements). ).

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Halo Infinite matchmaking is sorted by input rather than console, so these issues can affect Xbox One and Xbox Series X and S players as well. Developer 343 Industries is yet to respond to the cheater’s concerns. However, it expressed a commitment to anti-fraud measures Pre-release PC version overview: “When you’re making a competitive game and it’s on PC, you need anti-cheat,” lead software engineering lead Mike Romero says in the video. “That’s all there is to it, it has to be.”

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