hello infinity‘s multiplayer is now available, a surprise launch in celebration of the 20th anniversary of both the Xbox and the aura Voting. new answer auraThe multiplayer of the game has been positive, but with sharp criticism. 343 is ready to respond promptly to some of these complaints, such as when frustration is over. hello infinityThe battle is near. However, other criticisms have gone unheard. is one of the community’s biggest persistent focus hello infinityLack of player confrontation.

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A clip capturing the issues players are raising was recently posted on Reddit’s . went viral in aura Community, receiving over 20 thousand upvotes. The clip shows a player using camouflage to sneak up on an opponent, only for the opponent to back up through the player as an assassination attempt is made. The opponent slides through the player and then knocks them down. With a full player collision, the opponent would have collided with the player and the melee kill would have happened as expected.


The comments on the reddit thread include examples of how silly this is hello infinity could be the issue. Players are talking about being able to perform the resulting kills, a move that requires the player to strike their opponent’s back, as both players aim at each other’s backs. Clip far enough through the medium. Similarly, some players refer to an opponent from the front as melee and killing due to minor clipping.

What’s particularly strange about the situation is that hello infinity Facilitates player confrontation with opponents. It is closed to associates only. However, the player bump still feels like it’s not working as intended, as the clip renders. The player still looks through his opponents as if they weren’t there. Either the player model does not have full collisions or there is a latency-related problem associated with player collisions, the confusion around this issue only exacerbates it.

It is not entirely clear why 343 decided not to include full player confrontation for both allies and opponents. hello infinity, It is a popular feature with a long history aura, and players have vocally supported its inclusion hello infinityK beta. At this time, however, there are no definite plans to bring it back.

While 343 has not yet acknowledged the surrounding conversation hello infinityPlayer Bump, it’s important to note that multiplayer only launched last week. 343 still has plenty of time to evaluate and reconsider its decision, something that has already been done hello infinityThe battle passes. If the players insisted that the confrontation would return, then undoubtedly 343 would have no choice but to give in.

hello infinity Multiplayer is available now on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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