Halo Infinite commits unspeakable crime, launches without a Slayer-only playlist

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Halo Infinite Multiplayer Beta is live and I just want to play Slayer. The classic deathmatch mode is one of many different modes available in the game, but right now, you can only play it randomly.

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All three of the game’s competitive game types—Quick Play, Big Team Battle, and Ranked Arena—have a playlist of modes that are randomly selected during matchmaking. However, you can’t just choose to play a specific mode like you have in previous Halo games. That means Slayer fans will have to be prepared to play objective-based modes like Capture the Flag, Oddball, and Stronghold.

You cannot create a custom Slayer game that may include random players, they are currently invite only. For now, you’ll have to cross your fingers for a good game mode every time you queue up for Halo, which is a tad pretty useless as someone who’d rather deathmatch than worry about flags. Will kick back with.


Some have speculated that 343 limited Halo Infinite to a mixed playlist to force players to test out each mode (it’s a beta, after all). It’s possible that when Halo launches in full with its campaign on December 8th, we’ll get a more traditional mode selection option as well. For now, Infinite’s matchmaking resembles Overwatch with its randomly chosen maps and modes. But while Overwatch players aren’t used to being told which mode they’re playing, Halo fans certainly aren’t.

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“I honestly feel like a lack [an] The choice to choose between Slayer and Objective is unacceptable.” Reddit user maybe_is_fhqwgads wrote In a thread about beta. Hello there are many people on the subreddit and social media displeased With the number of objective-based modes in the playlist, citing a lack of understanding of how they work is part of the reason they’re not that much fun.

“This is my #1 issue right now,” reddit user xRaen added. “Everything else can be forgiven, but I have no fun in CTF. I just want to shoot dudes.”

The lack of Slayer-only play is a minor complaint in my eyes, considering we were greeted with the surprising early launch of Halo Infinite Multiplayer this morning. The first season of the free-to-play game is now available with 10 maps, a battle pass, and a whole assortment of unlockable armor pieces and paintjobs for your Spartans. Clearly, the lack of mod choice isn’t deterring over 200,000 people from playing it on Steam and 100,000 people watching it on Twitch.

Our own Natalie Clayton called the multiplayer “a satisfying arena shooter” that “has the potential to be the best Halo 3 since” when we played the tech test a few months ago.

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