After ending the second week of fracture: Tenrai incident last week, hello infinityThe next big event is Cyber ​​Showdown. With a punk aesthetic and bright neon colors, Cyber ​​Showdown is bringing some pretty stellar cosmetics hello infinity When it starts next week.

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hello infinity Players have been aware of Cyber ​​Showdown since the game’s multiplayer launch largely in November. 343 Industries shared a sneak peek of upcoming events planned for hello infinity, including Cyber ​​Showdown as well as teaser images for Fracture: Tenrai and Tactical Ops. Recent leaks have revealed an alleged event roadmap for the rest hello infinity Season 1 is running from January 18, 2022 to January 31, 2022, with the Cyber ​​Showdown event. Season 1 is known as hero of reach, slated to run until May, with four more weeks of Fractures: Tenrai Events and Tactical Ops being planned.


As the name implies, hello infinityThe Cyber ​​Showdown event will reportedly feature a set of synthetic cosmetics for players to adorn their Spartans. honored hello infinity The leaker, hellonoticiasmx, shared a photo of the awards from Cyber ​​Showdown on Twitter a while back, but it has surfaced again after some cosmetics made headlines. The biggest draw is the two Cyber ​​Armor effects at ranks 5 and 10, the former adding a holographic blue and purple visor, and the latter adding a strobing pink and white Mohawk. due to this hello infinityArmor Core Customization System, it is currently unclear whether these effects apply independently or are exclusive to the Mark 7 core.

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In addition to the armor effect, there are a few other neat cosmetics players will have to fire a gun for. Luckily, there are no challenge swaps or XP boosts here, just cosmetics, starting with a new, intense-looking Spartan pose at rank 1. In terms of physical cosmetics, there are pink weapon and armor coatings, a Kukri weapon charm, a small green visor, and a new orange Spartan AI color is all good. For the Spartan ID item, there are two new backdrops, one is a messy set of lines and the other is a brute rocking out on guitar, probably a reference to Craig the Brute visiting Zeta Halo.

Overall, event-wise looks like continued strong performance for Cyber ​​Showdown hello infinity After its rocky beginning with fractures: Tenrai. At the start of that event, players were only earning a cosmetic, which felt like a challenge swap or XP boost every two challenges, encouraging players to complete the event’s challenges. While it’s uncertain what sort of challenges players will try to finish in Cyber ​​Showdown, from cosmetics alone, the event looks a lot more appealing.

hello infinity Now available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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