new programs coming hello infinity Pretty soon, and with those events come cosmetic prizes for players. Like Fractures: Tenrai and Winter Incidents, All hello infinity Players have to play to get free cosmetic items.

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next show is coming hello infinity Cyber ​​Showdown. Beginning January 18, the event will feature cosmetics inspired by synthwave music, a distinctive sub-genre of electronic music associated with popular media from the 1980s. Music is known for its bright, colorful music videos and electronic sounds, so players can expect to add brightly colored, flashy armor to their collection.


one of these hello infinity Armor pieces are an ornament that players will be able to attach to their helmets. The jewel in question, a brightly colored Liberty Spike Mohawk, will reportedly be a free cosmetic that players can add to their arsenal by participating in the event. Reddit user Negative_Tangelo_131 posted a close-up screenshot of the Mohawk, showing what it looks like on a player’s helmet.

Cyber ​​Showdown Free Mohawk in action. From

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The Mohawk looks like it is a set of projected lights projecting from the top of the helmet, rather than an attached ornament. Spike lights have 3 different colors, with the two front spikes being white, the third spike being dark pink, and the last three spikes being purple. The last 3 spikes are also shorter than the front 3, making for a type of simulated tapering that can be seen in a real freedom spike cut.

The Mohawk is an exciting addition that has the potential to become an eye-catching piece of jewelry when done correctly. For one, it would be nice to see the spikes change color or shape. Another cool feature would be the ability to change the colors that present themselves in the spikes. In addition, the Mohawk opens the door to other similar hello infinity Comestic ideas using helmet lights. Perhaps players will see lights that project symbols or other effects on top of players’ helmets in the future.

With the Cyber ​​Showdown event coming soon, the Tactical Ops event will follow shortly, and continue hello infinityOf the Fracture: Tenrai event during the spring of 2022, it looks like there will be no shortage of ingredients and cosmetics for players to grab. If the new, free Mohawk is anything to go by, the prizes for these events will be an exciting addition to players’ arsenals.

hello infinity Now available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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