In hello 5, 343 Industries introduced an interesting new feature to the game with weapon variants. In the campaign, these weapon types were hidden in some levels, giving players a boost in strength, especially useful for higher difficulties. Variants were much more controversial hello 5As in Warzone Multiplayer they can only be earned through random Gacha REQ card packs. A datamine is now indicating that this divisive feature may be coming. hello infinity,

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datamine comes through hello infinityThe new “Fiesta” multiplayer playlist, part of its first Fracture event. Dataminers managed to discover and access five different weapon types for hello infinityAll these can be accessed through player custom game settings. It is unclear whether, when, or how 343 plans to officially introduce these weapon types. hello infinityof multiplayer, or if they are proceeding only by use of hello infinityCampaign of


The six variants discovered so far include the Convergence Bulldog, a version of the shotgun with a larger magazine and tighter bullet spread, the MA40 Longshot, which has a shorter magazine but 1.65x zoom, the S7 Flexfire, with a 10-round magazine and a larger crosshair (implied to convey poor accuracy), the BR75 breaker, with a faster fire-rate but slightly shorter magazine, Rapidfire Pulse Carbine, with a higher fire rate, and Volatile Skewers, which contain projectiles that explode immediately after hitting. Go to their target. More specific changes are likely, but these are aspects of the variant that should be recognized immediately.

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those who are interested in checking hello infinity Gun variants can do that right now. Simply start a custom game in the currently available offline server hello infinity Multiplayer release with Fiesta Mode. Lastly, the leaker mentions activating the weapon platforms, but it’s unclear whether they mean during setup or just in-game.

343 has long said that new weapons will be added hello infinity for a longer period of time. However, weapon variants were never the subject of focus before launch. It should come as no surprise that the 343 will bring back a feature it clearly likes hello 5, but fans expected completely new weapons instead of variants. It is unclear if the 343 plans to add only variants going forward.

Player reaction to adding weapon types hello infinity Much will depend on how 343 implements them. If they are added to game modes like Fiesta as part of the event, it seems to fit the player’s expectations. If 343 brings back Warzone and the REQ pack, it’s a brawl waiting to happen. Needless to say, 343 has some questions to answer.

hello infinity Now available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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