Although it may be hard to believe, for multiplayer hello infinity Been out now for almost two months. Since its release, many players have checked out the game, praising the gameplay. However, it is not without its flaws. Among the problems with the game, a major issue affecting performance is desync.

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As the name suggests, desync happens hello infinity When players’ connections to a server lose synchronization. As a result of this disconnect, players affected by these connection problems may appear to teleport randomly to various locations on the map as the server attempts to catch up. This unfortunate side effect of Desync causes chaos in matches, because what a gamer sees isn’t always indicative of what’s actually happening in the multiplayer lobby. Currently, desync is a problem that can affect all multiplayer modes. However, it appears that a fix may be on the horizon.


In a January 11 tweet, Jerry Hooks, head of design at 343 Industries, updated fans about some of the problems the company was working on addressing at the beginning of the year. Among the issues discussed was desync in multiplayer matches. hello infinity, According to Hook, the development team will begin investigating the problem going forward. “Desync is being looked at,” he said.

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This response from the developer is encouraging news for many fans who want to resolve the issue. It’s understandable that players would want to implement a fix in the near future, as desync ruins the competitive integrity of online matches. The problem is even more frustrating for those playing in ranked playlists, as precious ranking points are ready to be grabbed. Unfortunately, this comment from the developer fails to give a timeline for any potential improvements, which means players may be forced to wait some time for improvements.

This isn’t the only issue the development team at 343 Industries wants to address at the start of the new year. Hook noted that the company’s engineers worked on fixes for the broken Big Team Battle over the holidays. This chaotic 12v12 mod is popular with fans, but recent problems have made the mod nearly impossible. In addition, Hook revealed that the developers were working on new ways to tackle fraud on PC.

It will be interesting to see how the developers at 343 Industries try to fix the desync issues affecting hello infinity In the coming days. Hopefully, the problems can be resolved soon so that players can enjoy the smoothest gameplay experience in multiplayer.

hello infinity Now available for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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