hello infinityThe multiplayer beta of has been out for a week, with fans already giving a lot of feedback to 343 Industries to improve the game. has been one of the permanent complaints hello infinityA lack of freely obtainable armor pieces, and a new leak suggests that the campaign will not provide the salvation many have hoped it would.

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for that much appreciation hello infinity received, it has come at the cost of some very damaging criticism. The big problem fans expressed out of the gate was hello infinityThe slow battle progresses, where players can play dozens of matches and only rank up a singular number. 343 Industries quickly released improvements that essentially make it so players are earning XP per-match, with more promising changes coming down the line, with the promise of more. However, there remain constant criticisms of hello infinity As the battle passes by itself, the levels of its single armor components just aren’t worth it, touching on a potentially more pressing issue: the lack of free customization options.


A leaker has discovered hello infinityThe campaign is unlockable, and they appear to be devoid of any armor pieces. Chaz The Jackal posted a list of all the cosmetic items players can unlock by playing on Twitter. hello infinitycampaign, which includes everything except new armor pieces—everything is weapon and vehicle skins, armor coatings, emblems, and stances. As this armor pertains to cosmetics, specifically, there are apparently nine new coatings, four new emblems, and a new stance. It is currently unclear how any of these items can be unlocked, nor how Chaz the Jackal obtained this information, although most hello infinityThe Armor adaptation leaked before the start of its beta.

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As it stands, there are only three ways to unlock new armor pieces. hello infinity, The first is the Battle Pass that never ends and has over 100 level-up new cosmetic items, though players will have to pay $10 to start progressing on it. are next hello infinityUpcoming Fractures: Free programs like Tenrai, which are essentially mini battle passes, with unique cosmetics for players to acquire. Finally, there’s a shop that spins out new armor and skins daily that can only be purchased aura Credit with real money.

The modern multiplayer formula of Battle Passes and Item Shops has arrived aura And for better or worse, hello infinityThe present situation is the result of that. where you like sports fortnite And Call of Duty: Warzone Allow players to buy various skins for their avatars, it’s only a matter of time before aura Joined. This is especially burning for many aura Fans because adaptation has long been an important part of the series’ multiplayer experience, and for 343 Industries to lock it behind a paywall seems outrageous to fans. Now, without any new armor from the game’s campaign, players may have to come around for a dip in their wallets.

hello infinityThe multiplayer beta of is now available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, with the full game releasing on December 8th.

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