Halo Infinite multiplayer changes will “take time” says community director

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The Community Director of Halo Infinity has commented on how developer 343 handles in-progress changes.

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Yesterday on November 23, Community Director Brian Gerard posted the tweet below addressing a request for changes to Halo Infinity’s multiplayer progress. In short, Gerard warns that although the changes being demanded by players are being listened to and implemented, they will eventually take time to come to fruition.

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The simple reason for this is that the development team on 343 is being somewhat well-discharged. Halo Infinity’s multiplayer open beta only launched earlier this month, in a surprise announcement from Xbox, and so the development team has been working hard ever since, making sure the surprise multiplayer launch went smoothly.


So although it’s going to take time to transition to Halo Infinity’s progressive system, it’s good to know that changes are being made to the 343. When the multiplayer open beta launched, the main point of contention was that the Challenges were awarding players a meager XP for their in-game performance, and instead, the following day, 343 commented that they rejected all the feedback around the system. were actively listening.

343 has already made changes to this progression system, however, allowing daily-challenged players to simply pause in the game mode of their choice. Beyond that, major changes to Halo Infinity’s XP-based progression system are clearly coming down the road later, and will make the Halo Infinity Battle Pass easier to progress, but it’s important to remember that small changes and adjustments can really have already been done in

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