Nearly six years after the previous main series aura Play, hello infinity Is starting its approach for fans to sink their teeth into. While there are various speculations about this hello infinity As with specific game modes, gamers luckily had some clarity about how the game is changing with the tech preview coming out in late July.

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The company plans to run two more tests hello infinity On the coming weekend before the launch. The purpose of these tests is to experiment with the operability of the company’s backend servers and online services. Additionally, 343 Industries will continue to seek player feedback and fix any additional bugs.


In a blog post on, 343 announced that hello infinity The test will take place over the weekend of 23 September – 26 September and 3 September – 3 October. These tests will now emphasize the social arena where players fight against each other, with play times only being 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. PT and 5 p.m. – 9 p.m. PT.

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One of the new game modes that fans can try out is Training Mode. This mode allows gamers to practice various skills and play single sessions against bots on any Arena map. Additionally, gamers will have access to bot arenas hello infinity Again, this time with an improved AI from all the data gathered from the previous Technical Preview. On top of that, Weapons Practice will be making a comeback with a more comprehensive list of weapons, including;

– MA40 ON

– BR75

– MK50 Sidekick

– CQS48 Bulldog

– Needler

– VK78 Commando

– S7 Sniper

– plasma pistol

– Pulse Carbine

– Ravager

– heatwave

– dagger

– shock rifle

A new social mode available for the second week of testing is Big Team Battle. This mode is where gamers will be placed in two teams of 12 and face off against each other in different game types. Gamers can play Capture the Flag on October 1st hello infinity on the fragmentation map. On October 2, gamers can play both Capture the Flag and Total Control on the Fragmentation Map. And on October 3rd, gamers can play Capture the Flag, Total Control, and Slayer on the Fragmentation Map.

343 encourages gamers participating in the Technology Preview to answer industry surveys so the company can make games better for everyone. Participants should receive links to surveys in their email inbox. There will be two different types of surveys. Any feedback on game design and weapon balance should be reported to the Halloweenpoint website. Conversely, feedback on technical issues and bugs should be brought to the Hello Support site.

hello infinity Will release on December 8 for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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