Halo Infinite originally had an open world similar to Breath of the Wild

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Halo Infinity’s open world was reportedly cut from a “Zelda-like experience”.

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This new detail comes from a report published earlier today bloomberg, speaking to unnamed sources familiar with Halo Infinity’s fairly tumultuous development. According to the report, developer 343 decided to cut about two-thirds of Halo Infinity’s current campaign development in the summer of 2019, largely withholding its open world.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Halo Infinite features an open world for the first time in the history of the story series. According to the new report, however, this open world was going to be on a large scale similar to the Zelda game, and was actually being designed in a similar sense to 2017’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Year. Wild.


Now though, Halo Infinite finally launches on December 8th, which has been delayed due to Fall 2020. It’s been a very long road from conception to the launch of Master Chief’s latest adventure, as this new Bloomberg report makes very clear. But now finally the end of the bold sequel of 343 is visible. To see what we made of our full play of the new entry in Xbox’s iconic saga, visit our Halo Infinite review for more.

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