Free-to-play has quickly become a popular choice for developers and publishers releasing games in the current generation. Following in the footsteps of great successes fortnite And Call of Duty: WarzoneThe real appeal of releasing , as a free-to-play title, is that it removes the barrier to entry. However, as a profit-driven industry, playing games independently needs to generate revenue in other ways, most of which opt for in-game stores that facilitate various micro-transactions and other alternative cosmetics. provide.

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Following hello infinityDuring last week’s surprise release during an Xbox anniversary event, players were thrilled to learn that the free-to-play multiplayer side of the game was now available in full. While a Battle Pass was available for players to earn new rewards, the game also came with an in-game store for those who didn’t mind spending a bit of cash. However, there has been a recent uproar over some of the prices for inside items. hello infinityMultiplayer Shop.


in a new post aura subReddit, user GoobyOfPls advises players to stay out of the in-game store in an effort to force prices to change. They say the prices are “utterly ridiculous” and disappointing for those who thought exclusive items from the recently released Fracture: Tenrai event would be free to earn. They go on to uncover a $15 sword belt that can only be used on a specific set of armor called yoroi.

I can’t stress this enough, don’t buy shop items in this game. From

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The post has already received a ton of replies, from many fans who agree the change is needed, with about $35 off premium event gear in store. The fanbase’s dismay at these prices was likely sooner or later as it was revealed earlier this week that anyone would need to spend more than $1,000 to buy all of them. hello infinity Season 1 Premium Cosmetics. Many are hoping that these are just growing pains, part of the process that can be adjusted as the sport continues to evolve over time.

Controversy over in-game microtransactions is not a new phenomenon, as most games have seen this pushback at one point or another. marvel’s avengers Recently made significant price adjustments in the in-game shop. Before being free to play, fate 2 Launched a microtransaction store called Eververse, which introduced new cosmetic items to change their appearance from big ticket items like ghost shells, weapon skins, and exotic sparrows and armor ornaments. While the store remains in place, Bungie has made significant changes to the store over the years based on community feedback.

hello infinityThe multiplayer beta of is now available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, with the full game releasing on December 8th.

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