hello infinity Includes 11 different maneuverable vehicles to take players into battle. These transports give gamers plenty of options to explore the world as the game includes classics like Ghost and Warthog as well as new additions like Razorback. However, that hasn’t deterred some from finding a way to pilot another vehicle.

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Recently, players discovered an exploit that allowed them to control a Pelican while playing hello infinity Campaign. While these large aircraft serve as transports to move troops and heavy artillery into and out of combat, gamers have found that they can be used to traverse a semi-open world map. There are two main methods players use to successfully get behind the wheel of the Pelicans.


The first of these methods featured in a YouTube video by NoWise involves using grapple shots found in the campaign. Players must start by calling in a vehicle at one of the various FOBs located around Zeta Halo. The requested vehicle will soon arrive via a Pelican. This is where Grapple Shot comes in, as players need to swing in the air next to the plane. Once close to the cockpit, they need to press the X button on the controller to enter the ship.

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The second method used to enter the Pelicans’ cockpit, demonstrated by YouTuber Generalkidd, requires players to visit the FOB Hotel located on the southern side of the map. Once in place, players must move slightly east and find a nearby banshee. Then they have to fly it closer to the landing pad and call in a vehicle on the FOB. After doing so, they can fly the banshee over the oncoming pelicans and jump out. If done correctly, players will land on top of the ship, where they can enter the cockpit by pressing X on the controller.

After entering the cockpit of a Pelican using one of these methods, there are still a few more steps required before it can take off. As the plane takes off, players must exit hello infinity After seeing the saving checkpoint notification, click Campaign and enter again. The Pelicans should now be seen on the ground near the FOB. All that is left is for the players to reach the cockpit and enter the ship. After this they will be able to take the plane to the sky.

Interesting to watch players make new discoveries hello infinity, In addition to this method of controlling a pelican, another player found a way to play it. hello infinity Run campaigns collaboratively with multiple bugs. As time goes on, it’ll be interesting to see if players discover more secrets as they explore Zeta Halo.

hello infinity Now available for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Kotaku

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