Every day, hello infinity Players are exploring the game’s sandbox, testing out things that seem strange or shouldn’t work, only to be surprised when they do. Some hello infinity Players have discovered a new way to use threat sensor equipment, changing it from stationary radar to mobile.

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often forgotten part of aura There are various pieces of equipment available to the sandbox experience Spartans, with each game offering a lineup of familiar and new toys. hello infinityThe Grappleshot is perhaps the game’s most important tool, with the highly changing encounters and way the Spartans move around, as well as being featured prominently in much of the game’s marketing. Thanks to the Threat Sensor, players shoot a dart at practically any surface where it produces a pulse-like effect that will tag and reveal the location of enemies passing through it. In addition to the Grappleshot and Threat Sensor, there are other toys such as the Classic Overshield, Repulsar and Drop Wall.


hello infinity Players have discovered that the Threat Sensor can stick to other players, making them mobile enemy detectors. in post on hello infinity Subreddit, user Lifeline_is_Wifeline accidentally shoots a teammate with a threat sensor it sticks to them and works normally, continuing to produce friendly pulses as it tries to find enemy players .

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Sadly, the player doesn’t get any enemies to tag on, but the sight of the threat sensor beeping as they run around is humorous enough. It’s Reminiscent of the Fan-Favorite Weapon Halo 4 And Halo 5: Guardians The weapon, the Sticky Detonator, however lacks the explosiveness of the Threat Sensor.

However that doesn’t mean the threat sensor can’t kill. In the comments after a player alleged that they took down an enemy player with a piece of equipment, the game said they had received the kill, but did not give it an icon in the kill feed. Some were not as impressed with Lifeline_is_Wifeline’s post, surprised the user eventually faced this drama with the threat sensor. They give their opinion on the strategy of sticking a teammate, thinking that it may not be very useful unless the player is able to stick an enemy player with it and potentially reveal it to their entire team. Do.

Despite the strategy’s usefulness, it’s a neat find, yet it’s a testament to the design hello infinity‘s sandbox. Naturally, players’ first impressions of the Threat Sensor are going to be on the environment, considering the potential for placing it on teammates and enemies. It’s still only . is the second week of hello infinityWith multiplayer available, one can only imagine what other secrets and possibilities lie hidden in the game, just waiting for players to experiment and discover.

NS hello infinity multiplayer beta Available now on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, the full game will launch on December 8th.

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